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Ayurvedic wisdom-based diet recommendations for health

Yoga school-owners

You are passionate about yoga and you love teaching. Your passion is contagious and your students love the yoga workouts you teach them. They experience first hand the positive effects yoga has on their body and mind.

Most of your students are interested in health and fitness, and they’re often talking about diet. What’s the best diet for healthy living? As a yoga teacher, you are (somewhat) familiar with Ayurveda, so you know nutrition is of paramount importance to health. And you also know that we are not all made equal and the best diet is an individual diet.

Offer your students a tailor-made list of food recommendations based on their personal constitution. See and example here. It will give them a quick start in search of their personal healthy diet.

Download the dosha-test, print it out and hand it to your students to fill in.

And the next time they come, make sure you have subscribed for a free trial subscription, so you can create their lists for them. Either print the list and hand it over, or download it and send it directly to their email in-box.