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Ayurvedic wisdom-based diet recommendations for health

Spa & wellness centers

Guests come to you to enjoy a day (or more) of relaxation and well-being. They consciously spend time and money on their health. Unfortunately, when they leave, they easily fall back into old habits, quickly negating the positive time they spent with you.

How about giving them something that will empower them to take control of their health even after they have left? Something they can do themselves, in the spirit of the experience you offered them.

As you probably know, we are what we eat. Every cell in our body constantly renews at a certain pace, and after several years, we have renewed all our cells. The building blocks for those cells come for the main part from our food. Thus our nutrition is of paramount importance to our health.

Ayurveda recognises the importance of nutrition and recommends that we eat according to our unique Ayurvedic constitution. It’s not easy putting together a list of food recommendations on an individual level.

However, we have done the leg-work for you and you can now present your guests with a tailor-made list of food recommendations based on their personal constitution. See an example here. It will help them to stay in the positive mood they got from their stay with you and give them a quick start in search of their personal healthy diet.

Download the dosha-test, print it out and hand it to your guests to fill in.

The next step is to take a free trial subscription and start creating food lists for your guests. Either print the list and hand it over, or download it and send it directly to their email in-box.