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Ayurvedic wisdom-based diet recommendations for health

Are you an…

  • Ayurvedic practitioner?
  • Ayurvedic doctor?
  • Ayurvedic nutritional therapist?

Does the following situation sound familiar?

You have a full workload and want to help as many people as possible. Giving specific nutritional advice based on a clients individual constitution is time-consuming to say the least.

Most people, even professional Ayurvedic practitioners, do not know all the doshic characteristics of all our foods by heart, so putting together a list of recommended and less-recommended foods takes time and research.

And since most of us are really busy, we end up handing our clients standard lists with some -sometimes even handwritten- adjustments made to them.

For those of you who recognise this scenario, we have the perfect solution.

With Ananda, all you have to do is enter the three figures that represent your clients constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), hit “Go for the list”, and within the blink of an eye, Ananda gives you a long and detailed list of foods for your client, neatly grouped into 12 distinct categories.

Within each category, foods are ordered alphabetically, and behind each foodstuff is given an indication ranging from recommended (in blue), with moderation (in yellow), to to-be-avoided (in red).

The list is presented as a downloadable PDF-file (see example) that you can easily print and hand to your client. If this sounds like music to your ears, head over to the subscription page now, get your subscription and get going within 5 minutes.

For most people outside of India, Ayurveda is not something they grew up with. They have no knowledge of it, and applying its principles is therefore not easy, especially as they are just starting to learn about it.

Having a detailed list of (at this time) 350 foods, with a clear indication of which ones are good for them and which ones aren’t, is a huge advantage. It gives them something practical they can immediately work with, even if they do not yet understand all the ins and outs of Ayurveda.

Let’s say you see 25 clients per week. You do not normally give them a list of food recommendations at the end of every consultation, because that costs you far too much time.

With Ananda, you can though. For € 39 per month, you get unlimited access and can create a food list for each and every one of your clients at the end of their consultation.

Imagine how that makes them feel! And it doesn’t cost you any time at all and only 39ct per client. Your clients will certainly be grateful for it, and it might even attract more clients…

No more standard Vata, Pitta or Kapha food lists

Many Ayurvedic professionals send their clients home with a copy of a list of food recommendations for their dominant dosha. They might add something personal here and there, but the list isn’t very specific for their clients’ constitution.

We all know that nutrition is of paramount importance for good health, and thus a list of food recommendations specific to a persons constitution is a powerful gift to offer to your clients.

Take your practice to a higher professional level with Ananda.

and offer your clients the benefit of their personalised list of food recommendations!